Washington DC InfraGard Sector Chiefs

The Sector Chief concept is a process by which our chapter can better organize itself in order to more effectively reach the critical infrastructures of its community and to facilitate more efficient communications. 

The basic premise is that the members of the chapter are classified by their sectors. One or two members serve as Sector Chiefs for their particular sector. The needs and concerns of the sector are communicated by the Sector Chiefs, who act as the liaison between the members of the sector and the Chapter leadership, to include the FBI. This also facilities more efficient and effective identification of subject matter experts within a particular sector, who then may be in a position to lend assistance during an incident or event.

If you are interested in serving the chapter in this capacity, we are seeking sector chiefs for the following sectors: Chemical, Communications, Critical Manufacturing, Defense Industrial Base, Emergency Services, Energy, Financial, Food/Agriculture, Healthcare/Public Health, Transportation Systems, and Water/Wastewater. 

To learn more about the Sector Chief program, please click here.

Please contact our FBI Coordinator, Special Agent Kara Sidener at kara.sidener@ic.fbi.gov, with your resume and area of interest if you would like to be considered for a sector chief position.

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