Washington D.C. InfraGard Cyber SIG

Canvass for Cyber Special Interest Group (SIG) members (PDF)

Welcome to the Infragard National Capital Region Members Alliance (INCRMA), Cyber Security Special Interest Group (Cyber SIG).  The Cyber SIG was established to provide a forum for:

  • participants to discuss cyber threats;
  • members to share information on cyber issues and collaborate on solutions;
  • liaison between members and government for cyber threats and response; and
  • speakers from government and industry to provide information to participants. 

It is a collaborative effort between cyber security professionals in industry and government.  The result of such collaboration is expected to provide for early detection and response to cyber threats and attacks thus, mitigating the damage.  Additionally, the quality and timeliness of response will enhance law enforcement and intelligence missions to affix attribution for surveillance or prosecution.

The cyber security practitioners meet each month to exchange information relevant to their profession.  We also have an extended community of cyber security supporters, many of whom are leaders in industry and academia.  These two groups form our Cyber SIG, and both groups meet each quarter for networking and educational opportunities. 

If you have an interest in being a contributing member of the Cyber SIG, please complete the questionnaire and submit to our InfraGard Coordinator, Kara Sidener.  New candidates will be reviewed for membership as soon as practical. 

The Cyber SIG leadership is:

Mark Tanner, Co-Chair, INCRMA Member

Jeff Lolley, Co-Chair, INCRMA Member

Kara Sidener, InfraGard Coordinator

Glenn Wood, INCRMA Board of Directors, Vice President - Technology