Eastern Carolina Chapter Meeting

Wed, 2013-08-21 13:00


Members: Our next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, August 21st, from 1-4 p.m. at Cisco Systems.  We have presentations on IED Awareness and threats to BYOD (see below for more details).  This is an open meeting to members and guests.   Mark your calendars and register online prior to the meeting at our chapter site, http://www.ncinfragard.org/calendar.asp?mn=2.


Title: "IED Awareness and Active Shooter" - This presentation will focus on Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Awareness and some discussion points regarding Active shooter/IED incidents to include informal discussions regarding the recent Boston bombing.

Presenter: FBI Special Agent Robert Ritchie Jr


  • FBI: Entered on Duty: 1998
  • Richmond Field Office: SABT Coordinator/WMD Coordinator
  • FBIHQ: SSA Bomb Data Center / Unit Chief Hazardous Devices Operations Center
  • Charlotte: SABT Coordinator
  • Local law Enforcement: 10 years Massachusetts
  • United States Coast Guard: Coast Guard Investigative Service 5 years
  • Worked on or managed most major bombings over the last 12 years
  • International experience: Afghanistan, Iraq, Ireland, Russia, European Union, Pakistan, Brazil, Canada, Horn of Africa

Selected to work on presidential committee to draft U.S. Policy regarding Improvised Explosive Defeat and develop a national strategy resulting in the creation of: Homeland Security Presidential     Directive (HSPD-19) National Strategy for Combating the Terrorist Use of Explosives.

Title: "Mobility and BYOD: The Threats Posed to the Private & Public Sectors and What to Do About It"

Presenter: Glen Golden, Eastern CarolinaInfraGard Deputy Sector Chief

Bio:  Glen Golden has been in the information technology industry since 1984. He has been in the Healthcare IT industry for 23 years. In the Healthcare IT industry he has served in roles as Director of IS, Consultant, Project Manager and multiple roles in Management and Business Development.

Glen has been featured in a Fortune #68s worldwide corporate magazine for his work in HIPAA Security and had his biography in the NY Daily News for being one of the key presenters at a large NY Metro area Healthcare symposium. He has presented at numerous Healthcare enterprises and associations regarding Security and Interoperability in Healthcare.

He serves on NCHICAs (North Carolina Healthcare and Communications Alliance) Privacy & Security Committee and is Co-Chair of the Technology Resources Working Group. Within the Privacy & Security Committee he leads the Mobility/BYOD Task force and has co-authored the BYOD Guidelines. This past April he was guest lecturer for UNCHs Masters of Public Health Course regarding HIPAA and Security for Mobility and BYOD.  He is currently preparing for the CISSP examination.

He has recently launched his own Privacy and Security Consulting Business where the primary focus is the Healthcare industry. He also works in the specialized areas of Mobility/BYOD, Physical Security and Identity Theft Prevention for any industry. 

Glen is InfraGard Raleighs Deputy Director of Public Health & Healthcare.