The IKMA has organized itself into critical infrastructure sector groups. We request all IKMA members identify and inform the IKMA which sector(s) their responsibilities and experience are within. One member of each sector is designated as the Sector Chief who serves as the liaison between the members of the sector and the InfraGard leadership. The Sector Chief serves as the “voice” for the members of that sector at each of the quarterly membership meetings. Outlined below are the IKMA Sector Groups.  If you are interested in being a sector chief or have not yet signed up for a sector group please do so by contacting the Sector Program Coordinator or by phone at 502-564-2081.

stalk of wheat Agriculture and Food  
gold coins

Banking and Finance Sector Chief: 
Marvin Goetz - (502) 625-1082 -

commerical building Commercial Facilities
(Hotels, Shopping Centers, Recreational Facilities, etc.)
ambulance Emergency Services
(Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Emergency Medical Services, HAZMAT)                                     

Sector Chief: 
Beth Schowalter - (502) 386-7054 –
close up of government building close up of the face of the Statue of Liberty Government Facilities
(Federal, State, Local Government, Education, National Icons/Monuments)
close up of petri dish

Healthcare and Public Health

Sector Chief: 
Dr. Earl Motzer (859) 806-0454 –

nuclear tower
chemical vat
(Critical Manufacturing, Defense Industrial Base, Chemical, Nuclear)     

Sector Chief:
Jeffrey Davis – (502) 762-8637 –
close up of server room

Information Technology
Sector Chief:
Charles Bynaker – (502) 418-3030 –

rows of cars in traffic postal worker moving package

Transportation Systems
(Aviation, Maritime, Dams, Postal and Shipping)

drop of water dam with water rushingenergy tower

 (Water, Wastewater, Communications, Energy, Dams)

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