Eastern Carolina InfraGard Meeting

Wed, 2014-06-18 13:00



Our next Eastern Carolina Meeting is set for June 18th @ 1: p.m. at Cisco.  It will be an all Cisco day as we have two intriguing presentations lined up from Cisco employees.  This meeting will also include a tour of Cisco‚Äôs Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV) which will be parked right outside Building 5! 

Please make every effort to join us!



Title: Trust Me, I'm a CA!

Abstract: Certificate Authorities are trust anchors for browsers and operating systems, and because of this they are a very juicy target for attackers. Every CA is a single point of failure for the entire system, and breaking any one of them undermines trust for all the rest.  This is an overview of security lapses and attacks against CAs in the last few years and the fallout that resulted from them.

Bio: Jedidiah Bowers has been a member of the Cisco PKI team since 2007.  His primary role is SSL subject matter expert, but as a member of the Cisco PKI Ops team he is responsible for the care and feeding of many different crypto systems: image signing, certificate issuance for device identities, several root CAs, and over a dozen subordinate CAs.  He received a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Appalachian State University.


Title: Securing Hastily Formed Networks for Disaster Relief and Emergency

Speaker:  Matt Runyan - Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco

Major disasters, whether natural or man-made can uniquely challenge emergency responders. Situational awareness is critical for rescue teams, fire, law enforcement and other response organizations. Hastily Formed Networks (HFNs) are the emergency networks deployed in the aftermath of a crisis situation, and are in increasing in use to provide mission-critical voice, video and data. This session talks about HFNs, how they work, and discusses the security of these solutions as deployed by Cisco Tactical Operations on deployments such as Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. The architectures behind the Cisco Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV) and Emergency Communications Kit (ECK) will be discussed in depth.