About Us

InfraGard Salt Lake City Members Alliance started its InfraGard chapter in 2001.  Since then it has continued to grow and become more robust.  It has members from all of the critical infrastructure sectors who provide subject matter expertise and experience, and improve information sharing between InfraGard and the U.S. Government.  InfraGard Salt Lake City Members Alliance initially covered Utah, Montana, and Idaho with members from each of the three states.  Recently, an InfraGard chapter was started in Boise, ID which enabled members in that area to more effectively help protect critical infrastructures in the area.  Applicants from the three states continue to join and make InfraGard Salt Lake City Members Alliance stronger.

InfraGard Salt Lake City Members Alliance holds quarterly meetings which allows members to interact with one another and receive pertinent information from presentations on a variety of topics.  Members also receive access to the secure InfraGard website which provides a wealth of information not available to the general public.  This information can be used by InfraGard members to better protect themselves and their companies from both cyber and physical attacks. 

InfraGard Salt Lake City Members Alliance is committed to providing individuals with a unique opportunity to being a part of a national effort  to protect our nation’s critical infrastructures.  Since most of the systems and services of these critical infrastructures are owned and operated by private industry, it requires a coordinated effort between the U.S. Government and the private sector.  The InfraGard Members Alliance chapters across the country allow the combined forces of the private sector and the U.S. Government to ensure our way of life.

There is no fee to join InfraGard, all that is required is your willingness to become part of an organization committed to protecting our nation’s critical infrastructures.  For information on membership please follow the membership link.