About InfraGard | The InfraGard Maryland - Maryland Members Alliance, Inc. (IMMA)

The InfraGard Maryland - Maryland Members Alliance, Inc. (IMMA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit alliance, one of 86 InfraGard chapters nationwide dedicated to a mutually rewarding cause: increasing our country's security through enhanced security/threats awareness, communication, and cooperation between the companies and agencies that comprise the critical infrastructure and key resources of our great Nation. The IMMA ranks among the most active of InfraGard's 86 chapters constituting the InfraGard National Members Alliance, Inc.

The InfraGard program and organization has grown and flourished over the decades, from a single FBI Field Office outreach to private-sector cyber-SMEs in recognition that most of our Nation's critical infrastructure is privately owned and operated. Today, InfraGard has over 46,000 members in its 86 state-chartered 501(c)(3) nonprofit Chapters nationwide that are respectively associated with the 56 FBI Field Offices.

InfraGard's Maryland - Maryland Members Alliance Chapter, the IMMA, is associated with the FBI Baltimore Division, with our own dedicated FBI Coordinator, Special Agent Lauren F. Schuler, who received the FBI InfraGard Coordinator of the Year Award in 2010. We work frequently with representatives from law enforcement and other first responders and officials from the community and elsewhere, including Maryland's fusion center, the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center (MCAC). Following a 2010 nationally led exercise to update InfraGard Member Profiles on the FBI-maintained secure InfraGard web site, thereby securing enhanced member relevancy and content, InfraGard Maryland - Maryland approaches year-end 2011 with approximately 1,000 actively registered members who represent a broad range and mix of subject matter expertise spanning the public and private critical infrastructure sectors, including corporate, nonprofit, government, and academia.

InfraGard holds Member-Only as well as Open events throughout the year, meeting at least monthly at select venues across the entire Maryland region, Our meetings, presentations and special events, often partnering with other security-minded organizations of stature, provide exceptional networking and educational opportunities centered on themes of newsworthy and noteworthy security and threats-related developments and best practices. InfraGard’s focus on security includes the physical as well as virtual, with cyber remaining a core but hardly sole element in today's complex all-threats, all-hazards landscape,

Joining InfraGard is free. Applying for InfraGard membership can be done at one'sconvenience securely online [application form at: http://www.infragard.net/ ] and entails a standard FBI records check for applicants, an entry requirement that pays off immeasurably.The member-vetting aspect is a unique feature of InfraGard membership, serving to establish an essential baseline of trust, and conferring access to LE-sensitive (Sensitive but Unclassified) materials and to the secure FBI-maintained InfraGard web site as well as a personal secure email account. InfraGard membership consequently confers a unique set of value propositions, combining benefits of increasing relevance and worth that literally cannot be bought.

The Maryland - Maryland Members Alliance InfraGard Executive Board of Directors, Committees, and SIGs (Special Interest Groups)  work diligently and without remuneration on behalf of our membership to produce high-value programs for the Chapter. We search from the foremost levels of public and private sectors to provide top speakers, timely topical events, and pertinent educational and training opportunities with plenty of networking and lively discussion.

As a member of InfraGard, it's your organization, too: InfraGard truly is member-run and member-owned, and members are strongly encouraged to be active in the Chapter --  whether contributing funds, goods and services, or contributing time.We want and need your support, because we're as good as you  make us.

Rewarding opportunities abound -- and they ARE rewarding, in a host of ways: volunteering on one of our Committees (Finance, Education, Web Site, Programs) or SIGs (Cyber, Human/Insider Threats, Physical Threats), or as a Sponsor on one of various tiered Corporate and Individual levels.

Becoming a member of InfraGard, though free of charge, does represent a personal investment of initiative and commitment; once InfraGard membership is achieved, it therefore makes sense to use that valuable membership for all it's worth, to fully enjoy the further benefits from active participation -- as an attendee, as a Sponsor, as part of our direction and leadership.

If you'd like to find out more, we'd like to hear from you! Please contact any of us on the Board or Committees, or our  FBI Coordinator, Special Agent Steve Shepherd at Steven.Shepherd@ic.fbi.gov. We encourage your interest. Join us in influencing and advancing the vital cause of "Partnering for Protection" of our Nation, and experience for yourself the greater rewards and benefits that  attend greater levels of participation.