Washington D.C. InfraGard FAQ's

What is InfraGard? 
InfraGard is a collaborative effort between the FBI and local communities. InfraGard is an association of government and business leaders that meet regularly and freely share their ideas and expertise to better protect America’s infrastructures. 

How many InfraGard Chapters are there?
There are 83 chapters 

How many InfraGard members are there?
There are over 30,000 members as of January 2015.

InfraGard A Partnership That Works An FBI-sponsored initiative brings together experts from the public and private sectors to help protect critical infrastructure. Story

How many people are in each Chapter? 
It depends on the chapter.  Membership ranges anywhere from 50 to 2000 people. 

Where can I find a list of the Chapters? 
Go to www.infragardmembers.org for a list of the 83 Chapters and contact information for the local chapter Presidents and FBI Coordinators. 
Do the Chapters each have their own websites? 
Some Chapters have their own websites. Links to them are provided in the chapter list on www.infragardmembers.org.
Does each state have one Chapter? 
No.  It depends on several factors including the geographic location of people who want to participate and the variety of industries in the state. For example, Florida has six chapters while Alaska has only one. 

Who can join InfraGard? 
The FBI establishes the criteria for membership. In general, any US citizen who is committed to the protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure may join. 

Who are the current members of InfraGard? 
The current membership is primarily made up of the business leaders from industries that represent critical infrastructures (transportation, energy, water, etc.) and government agencies. 

How do you become a member? 
Go to www.infragard.org and click the "Join Today!" tab.  When completing the online application, select the Washington, DC chapter.  You will be added to our FBI Coordinator's queue for processing.  It takes 30-90 days for your application to be processed.  You are welcome to contact our FBI Coordinator to check on the status of your application at infragardncr@ic.fbi.gov.

Is there a background check? 
While there isn't a formal background check, you do consent to the FBI conducting a number of records checks to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements.

Do you need a security clearance to join InfraGard? 
No.  You will not be exposed to classified materials as an InfraGard member. 

How much does it cost to join InfraGard? 
It costs nothing to become an InfraGard member.  Some IMAs/chapters, however, may choose to assess a local fee that goes toward conducting meetings, paying for speakers, etc.  For example, the Los Angeles IMA charges an annual fee of $50. 
How are local Chapter activities funded? 
Each chapter can decide how it wishes to fund its programming and activities.  Some funds are generated by corporate supporters who choose to donate to the chapter; additional funds are obtained through admission costs to various programs and events.  In addition, "in kind" donations or contributions of meeting space, refreshments, and administrative/logistical assistance are often provided by individual members.

Are foreign citizens allowed to become InfraGard members? 
At this time, foreign nationals are not allowed membership in the InfraGard program.

What are the benefits of InfraGard membership in general? 
Members gain access to a secure portal wherein intelligence products are posted that relate to the threats and vulnerabilities critical infrastructure stakeholders face.  The portal also provides reporting mechanisms to directly inform the FBI about cyber attacks.  In addition, members have the opportunity to forge partnerships across industries and sectors; interact with their local FBI and other federal, state, and local government officials; share information about their sectors to inform others; and collaborate with other members to become more resilient."

What happens at InfraGard Chapter meetings? 
Chapters generally host a guest speaker who presents on topics that are of interest to the Chapter members. These topics include, for example, pandemic outbreaks, cyber vulnerabilities, and continuity planning. Additionally, time is allowed for the members to interact with each other for informal discussions. 
Do you have to be an InfraGard member to attend an InfraGard meeting? 
No. In general, InfraGard meetings are open. Some chapters, however, may opt to have members-only meetings. 

How often do local chapters meet? 
Some chapters meet quarterly, some meet bi-monthly, some meet monthly. It depends on the activity level of the particular chapter. 

When do they meet? 
The chapters may meet during the day (morning, lunch or afternoon meeting), all day, or in the evening.  Some chapters may vary their meeting times in order to accommodate more members' or speakers’ schedules. 

Is there a fee to attend the meetings? 
It depends on the chapter and the event.  Chapters may charge a nominal fee to cover lunch costs, speaker’s fees, etc.  However, most speakers are volunteers and if there is lunch it may be covered by a sponsor so the event is free. 

How are the local chapters structured? 
It varies but usually a Board of Directors and Officers are elected by the members annually.  The IMAs each have their own Bylaws but are required to abide by some basic rules set forth by the National Bylaws. Although it is a national organization, the strength of the program is in the activities of the local chapters across the country.