Dana Reynolds
Director and President
Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
Email: dana.reynolds@state.co.us

Steve Cohan
Director and Vice President
Joint Communications Task Force Coordinator
Denver 911
Email: Steve.Cohan@jctfcolorado.org

Fred Pitchford, CPP, CFC, CMAS, C-PSM
Director and Secretary
Manager, Corporate Continuity of Operations
Level 3 Communications
Email: Fred.Pitchford@Level3.com

Tim Gablehouse
Director and Treasurer
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Gablehouse Calkins & Granberg, LLC
Email: tgablehouse@gcgllc.com

John Lipka
Director, Security & Field Operational Reviews Bonanza Creek
Email: jlipka@bonazacrk.com

Tony Mauro
Counterintelligence & Counterterrorism Program Lead
Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Email: anthony.r.mauro@lmco.com

Joe Moll
Email: moll.jl@gmail.com

Mick Davis
Email: mick.davis@cyber-fi.com

Scott Schons
FBI InfraGard Coordinator
Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Email: Denver.Infragard@ic.fbi.gov

Michael Bobbitt
FBI InfraGard
Supervising Special Agent (Cyber Squad)
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Email: Denver.Infragard@ic.fbi.gov