Area meetings

Do you know why our chapter is called InfraGard Kentucky Members Alliance (IKMA)?  All InfraGard chapters have a relationship with a specific FBI field office located in their area, and very often those chapters take on the location name of the FBI Division associated with that chapter.  Even though the FBI field office that supports the Kentucky Chapter is located in Louisville, Kentucky, its jurisdiction covers the entire state of Kentucky.  The Kentucky InfraGard Chapter, likewise, serves the whole state of Kentucky.  Therefore, it made far more sense to name the chapter InfraGard “Kentucky” to reflect that the Chapter’s service and outreach extends statewide.

Since InfraGard Kentucky membership extends across the entire state of Kentucky, our chapter endeavors to hold meetings at different locations throughout the state to accommodate the geographic distance between members. We have held meetings in Frankfort, Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.

Meeting locations in the planning stages include Bowling Green and Elizabethtown, and Somerset,Kentucky.  However, additional meeting sites throughout the State will be set as new meeting venues become available.  Dates and locations for all of our meetings are posted on our website at

Meetings are held quarterly.  Three of the quarterly meetings are open to InfraGard members and their guests.  The meetings typically provide chapter updates from various sector chiefs, and presentations by authoritative speakers to address topics of interest to include topics on critical infrastructure in current events.

One meeting per year is open to members only.  This meeting is set aside to allow members to conduct chapter business, and to make plans for the chapter’s future.   If there are guest speakers scheduled for the “members only” meeting, the meeting can be opened to member’s guests once chapter business has been completed. 

If you are interested in hosting a meeting at your place of employment, please contact our InfraGard Coordinator or one of our Board Members.  Their contact information may be found under “Contact Us” on this website.