Texas - North Texas Members Alliance

  • Local Board
    • President
       Sarah Hendrickson

    • Senior Vice President
       Jonathan Steenland

    • Past President
       Gina Moore

    • Treasurer
       Dennis Hines

    • Secretary
       Jonathan Phillippe

    • Sector Chief Coordinator
       George Bartulevicz

    • Events & Partnerships Coordinator
       John David Wells

    • Board Member
       Jimmy Asaff

  • Chapter Sector Chiefs
    • Agriculture and Food
       Karen Winters

    • Banking and Finance
       John South

    • Chemical

    • Commercial Facilities
       Richard Nietubicz

    • Communications
       Eugene Dane

    • Critical Manufacturing
       Ryan Diehl

    • Dams
       Jason Lane

    • Defense Industrial Base
       Bren Doreck

    • Emergency Services
       Roger Stokes

    • Energy
       David Grubbs

    • Government Facilities
       William Archer

    • Information Technology
       Joseph McKernan

    • Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste

    • Public Health and Healthcare
       James Sloan

    • Transportation Systems
       John Peroyea

    • Water
       Charles Craver

  • FBI Leadership

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