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Monthly Chapter Meetings

Our next chapter meeting will be on Thursday, July 9 from 3:30 to 5:00 pm.  Our featured speaker is Robert Foster is the Division Manager - CALEA Compliance for Apogee.US and his topic is, “The Internet Kill Switch - Fact or Fiction?”

 Buried deep within the 98-page National Continuity Plan is the strategy for the mass evacuation and relocation of every federal government agency including The White House and the military in response to an exceptional catastrophic event within the National Capital Region. Each agency is required to have a detailed Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) in place.  A key piece of that Continuity of Government Readiness Conditions – COGCON 0 – is a four-word sentence giving the President the ability to shut down the Internet via an Internet Kill Switch.  Foster will cover topics such as: (1) Is there really a “Switch”, and what triggers the Kill Switch? (2) Is it really possible to shut down the Internet in the USA? (3) Can our enemies Hack into the Switch? (4) Is the Public aware of the involvement of private Tech companies in facilitating the Kill Switch?  (5) What are the Business and Personal ramifications, and what can individuals do to protect their businesses and family?

 Robert Foster’s almost 50 years in the Technology arena includes seventeen years with IBM where he

moved from Field Engineering, to Management, to Sales, to Product Development Manager, and to Division Manager of Office Systems Strategy.  Subsequent to his IBM career,  Foster became involved with numerous start-ups in Austin, Texas, that are involved with Cyber Security:  www.Apogee.US (CALEA Third-Party – i.e., facilitating wire taps for Homeland Security, the FBI and other Law Enforcement agencies); and www.SecureLink.com, experts in Remote Access Security in highly regulated environments).  From 2010 to 2012 he was VP-Contracts Liaison for KITS at Ft. Hood, where KITS developed Battlefield Command Control Systems in a high Security Environment.  In Colorado Springs, Foster was the Membership Director for the largest Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) in the United States.  Foster is also a Member of InfraGard, and the Austin ISSA Chapter.  Foster was a Speaker in 2013 and 2014 at the 5-State I-Ten Wired/I.T. Gulf Coast Conferences and gave a declassified glimpse of the NSA’s History and Surveillance Programs, and The Internet Kill Switch, respectively. 

Meeting Location

As a reminder, the Signature Science Building will be closed for renovation until next February so our temporary location will be at Strayer University which is next door to Signature Science (on the north side).  The address is 8501 North Mopac, Suite 200. 

Chapter Dues

Infragard is a non-profit organization and relies on contributions from our members.  An annual fee of $20 is due on January 1 or upon acceptance of membership.

Austin Members Alliance Local Board

Name Position Infrastructure Specialty
Karen Collins Austin Coordinator FBI
Scott Fairbairn President Telecommunications
Larry Moore Vice-President Cyber Security
Scott Brandt Secretary Cyber Security
Bob Carroll Treasurer Health Care
Vern Williams Membership Director Cyber Security
Wayman Cummings Past President/Board Advisor Information Technology
Allen Barr Past President/Board Advisor Financial Services
Susana Thorne Board Advisor Electrical/Water
Adam Hamilton Meeting Host/Board Advisor Information Technology
Paul Hopingardner Member-at-Large Information Technology

FBI Contact

SA Karen Collins
FBI San Antonio Division, Austin RA
Office:  512-506-2144